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3 things to consider when choosing your Wedding colours

Pantones of 2017

At the start of every year, the Colour Gods get their heads together to decide which tints, tones & shades should be on the list of colours to be considered to make your wedding day right on trend.

I’m going to select 3 of the top colours & make some suggestions about how you can implement them flawlessly into your dream wedding.

1. Greenery

This is a vibrant, almost luminous shade of Green, as the name suggests!

Although not the top of my list, it seems to have struck a chord with many of the big names in the wedding industry.

You hear all about ‘The year of Kale’ in Bridal magazines, & if Green is your colour of choice, don’t let yourself be limited to a particular shade of it.

Anything goes. From the palest hint of Mint to the darkest Forest Green, go with what you love.

Teamed with neutral flowers, Rose Gold or Copper accents & tonnes of foliage for variety of the Green shades, along with adding texture too, Greenery might just knock your socks off!

2. Fuchsia Rose

As the name suggests, this is an intense shade of Pink!

Bright & bold, & possibly best suited for a Summer wedding, it’s sure to add a dash of sunshine to your venue.

This colour looks fantastic when teamed with Navy, so if your Groom is wearing the very trendy Navy suit, adding colour via a Ruche Tie, Waistcoats, Bridesmaids dresses, flowers, or on the chairs would look fabulous.

But, if you’re a little worried about it being just a little too Pink, how about keeping your maids in the Pink, a pop of the same in your flowers & centre pieces & then have the chairs dressed with a Navy sash, if they need that extra touch?


3. Sand Dollar

I adore this neutral palette! It’s elegant, timeless & compliments most skin tones.

Feminine & romantic, & considered not too Pink by most Grooms, shades of this Nude tone adds a small enough amount of colour to your wedding without it becoming a hugely distracting element.

Teamed with Lace, it hits the ‘Vintage’ look to perfection. Or add in some bling for a Hollywood Glamour style, using diamante & crystal decorations for an opulent theme.

Opinion of a Venue Stylist

Whatever your choice of colours, one thing to think about is the decoration & colours used at your chosen venue. Play to its strengths, disguise its weaknesses. Any good Venue Stylist will help you select the right things to draw the eyes of your guests away from things that might not gel with your style.

If your venue is contemporary in style, it’s possible to use any colour, as the neutral tones of the venue will push your colour forwards.

However, if the venue is more traditional, opt for colours to brighten the space & then add your shade in strategically!

The old adage ‘less is more’ is often spot on.

There’s a little known tool you can use when picking your colour palette.

The Colour Wheel can be used to find what will work the best with your primary colour. You don’t want them to clash!

Colours adjacent to each other on the wheel are classed as complimentary colours, so will suit the main colour you’ve selected.

However, if you want your colours to pop, look at the colour directly opposite your shade on the wheel, as these are contrasting colours, which also work perfectly as a team.

Fabulous flowers by The Greenery. Click on the image for more information.

At Iced & Spliced by Cakey Wakey, we’ve helped lots of couples with their colour options, either by toning it down or going for it all guns blazing. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest designs!

One final piece of advice

My last piece of advice would be to leave your colour choices until AFTER you’ve bought your Bridesmaids dresses. From experience, it only takes one of them to refuse point blank (which is code for throwing a massive strop) to  wearing what’s in your head & you’re right back to the drawing board with ALL of your plans.

It’s all part of the fun of planning the biggest day of your life, so have fun, go with what you like, & if that one Bridesmaid does throw a spanner in the works,  sack her! How important was she anyway?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Just pop a message in the box below & we can have a chat about how to implement your colours, whatever they may be,  into your day.