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How the Iced & Spliced Experience can make your wedding planning easy

Planning a wedding can be time consuming, complex and if I’m honest, a little draining after the initial eeek of excitement has passed. So many ideas and images available on Social Media to capture your attention and confuse your mind. Pinterest is such an amazing tool for helping you plan your wedding but I know that it can also lead to overwhelm and confusion as to what you actually want (even if you thought you had a clear idea!). I see this confusion and overwhelm with many of my brides when we first meet for a consultation, and I am on a mission to help, and that is what the Iced & Spliced experience is all about! 

There are a vast array of suppliers offering services and products you never dreamed you’d need, or be expected to provide on your Wedding Day. And it can be super confusing and time consuming to deal with lots of different suppliers for lots of different pieces of your wedding.

 From working in the wedding world for many years, I know that brides enjoy the process far more when they work with one supplier for a large amount of the things they want for their wedding, because it makes everything so much easier! You only have to deal with one person, you only have to tell them your vision once and everything matches to that, you only have one lot of emails/consultation meetings etc instead of lots! That is why we offer a lot of things you need and that is what we called the Iced & Spliced Experience.

Our service list covers a lot of the essential and pretty things you’d generally be looking at having to decorate and style your wedding day and we package them together to make the whole planning process easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. Because that is what your wedding planning should be!


So, what are the benefits of having one company to provide several services for your Wedding?

1. One person to contact instead of several

Your ‘to do’ list can be extensive. Dress shopping, sorting out Bridesmaids shades and styles and keeping them all on track. Floral designs, options and costs… the list goes on.

 Using one company that can supply multiple services reduces the number of emails to send or calls you need to make to confirm everything is running smoothly. Working in the wedding industry for over 20 years, there is one thing that we know every bride and groom wants – and that is a stress free and enjoyable wedding experience.

 We can provide you will all the things for your decor, your cake and your car. Everything that isn’t the dress, the stationery, the venue and the photographer really! You can take a look at our services here >>> http://www.icedandspliced.com/weddings/ 

2. Multiple service bookings mean package deals & budget savings

If you are able to book one supplier for chair decoration, venue dressing elements and your Wedding Cake, for instance, there is potential for a package deal that means you get the best value for your money.

This can also mean that some delivery & collection expenses can be reduced. Using more than one supplier would mean each company could include a delivery and collection fee for the supply of their items in your invoice.

One company supplying several services can dramatically reduce these costs.

As an example, your Cake Maker could charge you for supplying and collecting the stand used to display your Wedding Cake.Your Venue Stylist and chair dressing company could also have a collection fee to cover the time and fuel needed to return to your venue the day after your Wedding to collect their products.

Choosing one company instead of three immediately reduces any additional costs, which means you have that money to spend elsewhere within your Wedding, making your budget stretch to that item you dreamed of, but were struggling to cover the cost of.

When it comes to deals and special offers, we don’t do that at Iced & Spliced because we know our prices are already good value based on what you get, including quality and experience. However, when we are used for more than one service, we do create a bespoke package to incorporate all a bride and groom have booked with us, making sure you get the most out of your budget.

3. One person committed to bringing your vision to life

Having one person responsible for key design areas of your wedding means that that person can ensure all colours match, the theme runs through the entire Wedding and styling elements complement each other to perfection.

This gives a cohesive feel to your wedding as all of the important areas are under the watchful eye of the person who knows the colours, textures and ideas you want to bring into your Wedding Day and how you’d like to implement them too.

This not only makes your wedding day less stressful, because you are not worried about everything working well together, it means that you only have to talk about your vision once and know it is all going to work! This is one of my favourite parts of the experience we give our couples – sitting down with them in our consultations and bringing the dream to life.


Thoughts of a Multi Service Wedding Supplier

I know I’m bias, but I think having one company providing several services for your Wedding is an excellent idea. It is better for you as a bride and it is better for the supplier.  

Over time more elements have been added to our service list making it easier for couples as they just have one touch point during the planning process.


The Iced & Spliced Experience has come to mean many things.

It’s attention to detail and years of experience, with passion and commitment mixed in too.

It’s quality products and a service of the highest standard, which allows us to achieve the day of your dreams.

It’s someone to bounce your ideas off, who will give you help, advice and will be honest with you, going that extra mile, every time.

It’s a calming influence when you start to fret, someone who can see the bigger picture & guide you back to the right path for you & your big day.

Offering interconnecting services allows us to oversee bringing your dreams and ideas out of your head (and Pinterest board) and into reality.

The time leading to your Wedding should be exciting, full of all the fun things like visiting your venue, doing the rehearsal, collecting your wedding dress!

And the same is true for your wedding day. You want to wake up in the morning and feel excited, happy and ready to say “I do!” not worrying or stressing that your suppliers are not going to turn up and deliver what they promised.

Iced & Spliced by Cakey Wakey are here to help you really enjoy your day and the planning before it. The #icedandsplicedexperience is something not to be missed.


There aren’t enough words to recommend Jo for all your wedding needs!! She really is a complete genius in her field!! Our cake took our breath away and exceeded any expectations we ever dared to have! She’s knowledgeable and patient (especially with an ever changing mind of a bride) and just so so attentive! Jo also dressed our chairs and tables with runners and once again, took our breath away! Look no further than Iced and Spliced!! Thank you for everything Jo


Bethany & Liam Holmes

Wow what can I say about this amazing company…. They did a lot of decorations at our wedding which looked superb and lots of people commented on how amazing everything looked. They also provided our post box which had our names on which was lovely, however save the best till last THE CAKE!! Completely blew my husband and I away, we had an image in our heads as to what it would look like but nothing prepared us as to how amazing it actually looked. We had 4 different flavours and all were gorgeous, the cake was that nice that I have placed an order for cupcakes for another event I am attending in the next couple of months!! 100% recommend Jo


– Katie & Darren Batchelor