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I am often asked, ‘how long have you been doing weddings?’, so I thought I’d explain how it all began, & some of the journey of how we got to where we are today!

My first wedding cake was my own, 23 years ago!

I’d done the silly thing of buying one of those part work magazines about Cake Decorating. You know the ones, part 1 costs 99p, but by the time you’ve bought the complete set, you could have paid for an around the world cruise…. twice!

I’ve always loved baking, my Grandma taught me. Her pastry was legendary! With a background in Ceramics, Sugar Craft was a natural progression. But, limited experience & lack of confidence meant my first thoughts turned to asking a pro to make my cake. But I was really disappointed with what was offered as it was nothing like what I wanted. No one was prepared to undertake my request for something other than Royal Iced tiers, with silk flowers, sitting on top of plaster pillars!

I think this is one of the reasons why listening to my brides is really important to me because it is your wedding, you should have what you want (as long as it is technically possible!).

So, back to the story, my disappointment turned to resolve, that I would have the cake that I wanted & I would DO IT MYSELF!

Looking back at what we had, compared to what we do now, our cake was pretty lame but it was what we wanted and that was the important thing.

If you were wondering, our cake was a Heart shaped, 3 tier fruit cake, baked 6 months before the big day, so that they could be matured with Brandy (a practice I still do today, where possible), smooth Sugar Paste icing, ‘Snail Trail’ piping on top of a sugar frill, which was hand painted on the edges in our colour scheme, complete with a hand piped monogram on the sides & finished with masses of sugar flowers & strands of ribbon cascading over the sides of each tier.

Our day was fabulous, but so different from the expectations of the weddings of today.

In our day (oh gosh, do I sound like Uncle Albert from Only fools & horses?) there were no chair covers & no monumental floral centre pieces. We picked the menu. None of the ‘pick what you’d like to eat’ that couples are expected to consider these days! Our Stationery was shop bought & hand written, & I made the favours myself too. Traditional Bomboniere in our colour scheme, with sugared almonds. I sat for hours making those blooming things!

A friend of my Mother-in-law decided she wanted me to make the cake for her Golden Wedding celebrations, & then a friend’s sister requested a Christening cake & so Cakey Wakey came in to being!

So much has changed since that first special wedding cake. Using our own family recipes, developing my own techniques, devising my unique style, I hope that the 20 years of experience, since the birth of Cakey Wakey, later to become Iced & Spliced by Cakey Wakey shows in the production of quality creations time after time, & shines through in the bespoke pieces I’m commissioned to make today.

I love what I do.

As the business grew so did what we offered our couples and Pete and I now work with couples to help them with not only their cake, but their venue styling and bridal cars. Our business has grown as has our love for the industry. Pete and I love working together and we have a good partnership that our couples get to experience when working with us.

I would love to work with you if you feel we are the right ones for you, let’s have a chat.