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3 important things to tell your Wedding Car company

So, you’ve booked the Venue, picked the Church or decided on a Civil Ceremony & started to think about all the pretty things associated with wedding planning, like the cake design & flavours, flowers & colour scheme, but you’ve potentially missed a vital piece of the wedding puzzle…. How are you going to get there?

That’s where the world of Wedding Transportation steps up to the mark

So many options, lots of choice, so again it can be a minefield.

The first thing to decide on is your style.

Is your dream to arrive at your wedding in something modern, vintage or quirky? Once you’ve decided, you have the basis for your internet search for local companies with that style of vehicle.

In this blog post I want to share with you a few hints & tips to help you. As part of our wedding business we hire wedding cars and there are key things we need to know from our couples to be able to give them a quote and to help us to make suggestions on the best car we have to fulfill your needs. You can read more about our car service here http://www.idoweddingcars.uk/

1. Vital Information

Your Wedding Date

The date of your wedding is the most important piece of information needed. The car company will instantly know which cars are available for your date, & if they’re already fully booked they can inform you straight away, allowing you to get back to your search quicker.

The Postcode

The next thing to include in your initial email or call is the post code for your collection on the day. This allows the company to locate the area without giving the full address, which could be confirmed later, once you’re happy with the costs and are ready to proceed with the booking. We know that at this stage you haven’t always decided on all of the details but as long as we know the area that you will collected from we can provide an accurate quote.

The location of the wedding

To ensure you get an accurate quote you will need to share the location of the ceremony  and the reception, if the two places are different, so that the journey can be calculated correctly.


2. Who gets to go for a ride?

The obvious answer here is the Bride and the person giving her away, but, there are alternate options here too. So giving a bit more thought to what you would like the car and driver to do for you opens up more possibilities to make the journey to your ceremony a special experience for your Bridal Party too.

There are some things to consider here, the main one I’ll cover in part 3, but as a start, here’s some ideas of the information to consider:

Would you like Bridesmaids taking ahead of you? If the answer is yes, how many of them are there?

You might be asked to confirm if any Bridesmaids are under the age of 3. This isn’t because we don’t like children! It’s a safety element. By law, any child under the age of 3 needs to be secured in a child seat to travel in any car.  Some wedding vehicles aren’t equipped with seatbelts, so the secure fastening of a child seat is impossible.

Just a helpful tip there on something that could throw a spanner in the transportation works!

Another important person who shouldn’t be overlooked is of course the Mother of the Bride

Will she travel with the Bridesmaids?

Could she be the person giving the Bride away?

It can be so difficult to step delicately through family situations these days, so please don’t be offended if the supplier at the end of the email or social media message asks a question you find difficult to answer, talk it through and there will always be a reason for a seemingly random question!


3. Getting to the Church on time

So, the key information has been shared, now what?

Well, for us, when we have an enquiry and we get clarity on the information shared above, we would look at the locations, distances and if multiple journeys have been requested. Taking all of this in we can look at how this works for your wedding timeline.

For instance, if the two locations are 5-10 minutes apart, it’s not a big deal for one car to collect the first passengers before returning to collect the Bride.

However, if the distance is 15 minutes or greater, the round trip for that first journey means that those first passengers would need to be collected early, to allow time for the car to return to collect the Bride and then get back to the venue for the ceremony. This means any Bridesmaids would be waiting at the venue for a long time, possibly outside in the cold, before you arrive. This is something to consider.

Options here would be to look into a second car to transport the Bridesmaids on their own, but departure time would be at the same time as the Bride’s.

This could be a car to match the Bridal car style, or maybe a nice car owned by an understanding family member, which could also help with your budget.

A second matching car is a nice idea if your ceremony and reception venues are separate locations as the second car could be used to take your Parents on to the Reception, perhaps with your partner’s Parents, as again it adds that specialness to the day for them as well. Just something to consider.

Thoughts of a Bridal Car Specialist

The journey to your wedding is full of anticipation, excitement & let’s admit it, a pinch of nerves too. Arriving in style at your wedding is an integral part of your day.

The journey after the ceremony, with your new Husband or Wife on to your Reception venue is the only point in the day where you’re alone, to absorb what’s happened & to actually take a breath & take it all in.

Preparations on the morning of the wedding can be frantic, a real whirlwind, so that simple journey to the venue can be a welcome relief from the mayhem, as pleasant as the mayhem may be!

Even if your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, having a short drive together, just the two of you, can help to calm you down and allow you to enjoy the rest of the day’s festivities with ease.

Iced and Spliced by Cakey Wakey Wedding Suppliers Nottingham, Derby. Leicester

The final tip I have for you come back to your choice of car style. When contacting companies, it’s not just about the cost of a car. You need to look at what you get for your money, as no two services are the same. You need to look at like for like with car styles too. There’s no point comparing a modern Rolls Royce to a Vintage Rolls, Jag or Beauford, as all of these cars are poles apart.

  • Find your style, look for companies offering the same and don’t be offended if your request for a price match is a flat ‘no’, especially if the cars are a lot different.
  • Look at the small print, or ask if you’d be charged extra if you went over a set amount of time. Delays happen, other suppliers have a job to perform too, so you’d need to know ahead of the day if there are any penalty charges that could be incurred. Nothing worse that an unexpected invoice after the day.
  • Lastly, consider how you’d feel looking back at your wedding photos in years to come & regretting your choice of car style, or on missing that special feeling of arriving for your ceremony at all.

Any wedding car plays an important role in your day. Pick a style that suits your theming & style, but also reflects your personalities.

Look at websites & Social Media feeds to get an insight into past customer experiences & reviews of the service, plus any images of those couples on their wedding day, with the car style you’re interested in, to help you visualise you on your big day. You can find us on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/idoweddingcarsnotts/ 

You can read more about our wedding car service here and get in touch if you would like to chat about whether we could help you travel on our special day in style.

Iced and Spliced by Cakey Wakey Wedding Suppliers Nottingham, Derby. Leicester