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Why can a Wedding Cake cost so much?

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  • 1.Why can a Wedding Cake cost so much?

Things to consider when getting a quote for your Wedding Cake

There are so many things to take into consideration when planning & booking a Wedding, & they all seem determined to separate you from your hard earned cash!

There’s the Venue, Church fees, transportation, food & drink, ‘the’ gown, outfits for the maids & flower girls, flowers, venue decoration, suits & the honeymoon. Phew! 

Then there’s the other extras to think about, like keeping your guests entertained throughout the day, partying till the break of dawn, & all that jazz!

Pete & I have been married for 22 years this year & we didn’t have to think about half this stuff, as it just wasn’t available at that time. 

There was no Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook then, so no access to the vast array of designs, ideas & dreams to make you swoon.

It would have been fabulous to have had access to the wealth of images of the different styles of venue dressing, wedding themes & cake designs that Brides can find today, but that can also lead to issues of over-expectation.

I’ve had some Brides send the most spectacular images of cakes to me recently, with them saying ‘this is the one, I LOVE it, I must have it’, for them then to be shocked at exactly what that cake will cost.

But please don’t think we’re just out to over charge you because your cake has the word ‘wedding’ before it.

There are so many things that go into the making, decorating & construction of a wedding cake, which is where the costs can mount up.

At Iced & Spliced we bake EVERY cake ourselves. They’re all made fresh the week of the wedding, so you have the opportunity to enjoy any left-overs days after your event.

The work involved in producing each cake is planned like a military operation. A day is dedicated to putting the respective yummy fillings between the layers of sponge. They then need to be chilled, covered with their first layer of coating (usually Marzipan, but I’ll explain why that’s important in another blog). The final outer coating is applied after 24 hours, left again so it’s firm enough to be stacked & decoration applied. With the delivery to your Venue on the day itself, this all takes time.

What you decide to have your cake decorated with can also be costly.

Cake toppers are a minefield. There are shop bought ones, or hand made models in resin or sugar, tiny bunting on pretty sticks & the right on trend wooden or plastic Mr & Mrs toppers, which can feature your names, date & favourite love quote, which suit all types of cake styles.


Or do you want flowers to feature on your cake?

If you decided on fresh flowers, your cake designer & your florist would need to work hand in hand to be ensure that the flowers are treated correctly to help prevent sap seepage, & that they’re the right size for the tiers, so they don’t overwhelm the cake.

Or you could opt for life-like sugar flowers, to match those being used elsewhere in the wedding.

An arrangement of flowers on top of the upper tier is very pretty & keeps the costs down.

Smaller clumps of flowers placed on opposite sides of the cake & on different tiers leaves the top tier free for the use of one of the unique toppers I’ve mentioned above & gives the overall look of the cake the right balance.

For a ‘show stopper’ of a cake, a full cascade of flowers is the ultimate in luxurious schemes.

This is what seems to be attracting 2017 & 2018 Brides at the moment.

& that’s where the problem lies.

It costs so much more for a multi-tiered, flower adorned monster of a cake!

Please take into consideration the time each flower can take to make. Some cakes can have hundreds of individually handmade blooms on then, so there’s a lot of time & skill involved.

This is on top of the actual baking of the tiers, the time taken to ice them to perfection, stack them professionally & deliver them to your Reception, with any last minute details added during the actual set up.

A little bit of advice from a Cake Designer

A professional cake maker will know what’s involved to produce the cake of your dreams, using the finest ingredients, the precision of making flowers so life like people try to smell them, how many flowers ‘that’ design will require, & the knowledge of making sure each stacked cake is supported properly so there are no disasters of sinking or moving tiers. That occurrence can be the most awful situation to find yourself in, as after the Bride, most guests want to see what the cake is like.

The Gown, flowers & cake are the holy trinity of any wedding, & along with the food, are the 3 things people will remember about your day for years to come.

So, when it comes to obtaining a quote for your Wedding Cake from a company, please give them as much information as possible about how many people you want the cake to feed, if you do want to keep a tier for yourselves (there’ll be another blog about that tradition) & if you do have an image or two of what you’d really love, start there for your dream cake. If the cost is too high for your budget, ask what they would suggest to have a cake that is based on your dream cake, but maybe with less tiers, not as many flowers or by using fake layers, to reduce the portions & possibly the price.

A final piece of advice

The main thing here is to remember you’re employing a professional to ensure your cake is made to the highest standards, constructed correctly & will look sensational on your big day.

Lots of couples fall into the trap of having a family member offering to make their cake for them as a wedding gift, which sounds fantastic from a money saving point of view, but can lead to a world of pain later in the planning or on the day itself.

I’ll leave those stories for another blog I think.

 If you’re interested in more information about our Bespoke Wedding Cake service, please feel free to contact us using the comment box below 

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